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Innovative courses with real world applications

One of the key benefits of the monthly or termly subscription is that new courses will be regularly added to the platform and old courses updated from the feedback. Every course is designed with the national PSHE syllabus, the Ofsted Personal Development criteria and Gatsby benchmarks in mind. 

Courses available at launch
Finding Your Passion
Digital Footprint
Courses coming soon

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A mixture of new and old teaching techniques to create a new engaging education experience

Whiteboard Animation Videos

  • Engaging Whiteboard information videos
  • Suitable for both visual and aural learners
  • Transcripts available for each video

Traditional Quizzes & Worksheets

  • Track students progress with quizzes
  • Regular reflective tasks
  • Badges can be earned from completing tasks

Research tasks that use social media and online platforms that students already interact with

30 Day challenges

  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly challenges
  • Allows students to consistently utilise skills they have learned
  • Earn badges and awards for completing challenges

Powered by Moodle 3.9

Our e-learning platform is powered by Moodle, a world famous learning management system used by schools and universities around the country including the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Nottingham. 

Additional resources coming in September to support students with career choices, mental wellbeing and cultural learning

Careers resource bank

  • Information about several career paths
  • Videos from senior workers and graduates regarding their career paths
  • Information on the skills and qualifications needed to thrive in different career paths

Mental Wellbeing resource bank

  • Tips on how to improve your mental wellbeing, such as how to cope with stress and build self confidence
  • Links to external resources and organisations that can support people with their mental wellbeing

Culture and Diversity resource bank

  • Learn about British culture and the many other cultures that are present in the United Kingdom
  • Gain cultural awareness about the differences and struggles of minority cultures