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The UK’s first e-learning platform dedicated to personal development and soft skills

Transform the way your students engage and develop winning skills through Talk About Skills

Talk About Skills is an e-learning platform designed to improve soft skills, personal development and the mental wellbeing of young people in education or in the early stages of their careers.

Why Talk About Skills?

Talk About Skills was designed in response to both the Gatsby Benchmarks, and the recent struggles schools have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike other e-learning platforms, Talk About Skills is tailored to enhance your pupils’ personal development and soft skills through a variety of online courses such as digital footprint, financial literacy and finding your passion.

We are dedicated to helping students realise their passions and career goals and providing them with the relevant transferable skills needed to achieve them. To reward them for their hard work they will receive badges and certifications that can be referenced on their personal development plans and CVs.

We also run engaging programmes that we can deliver remotely, building on the previous work we’ve done with corporates. These include topics like back to school, entrepreneurship, and ‘Talk About change’ which engages pupils with equality, diversity & inclusion.

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Talk About Skills 2020/21 School Programmes

In order to support schools in these unpredictable and unprecedented times Talk About Skills are currently offering three different bespoke programmes for the 2020/21 academic year. To find out more click here.

Back to School

Enables students to see the opportunities, step out of lockdown mentality and equip them with new skills through our e-learning platform.

Talk About Change

Equality, diversity & inclusion programme for students to understand the variety of cultures that shape the world we see today and how to become a global citizen.


Walks students through the entrepreneurship and transferable skills needed to innovate.

Talk About Skills

What is Talk About?

Conversations worth having

Talk About’s mission is to transform your personal development journey using the power of technology. Our platforms make information and training accessible, fun and engaging for all.

We do this in three ways:

At Talk About we are experts in connecting young people with industry leaders using fun, informative and engaging methods. Since October 2019, Talk About has held over 50 in-person and virtual events, engaging with over 8000 people. From career insights to game show competitions with employers, we’ve seen the positive impact that these experiences have on students. Now we’re bringing our workshops and careers insights to the e-learning space.

Talk About's partners and clients:

Meet our founder

Venandah Madanhi is the founder of Talk About, a future Trainee Solicitor and Engagement Consultant. She was the youngest person on Birmingham’s inaugural Top 30 Under 30 list and ranked 6 in the Future Leaders annual publication. Venandah is passionate about business and generating social progress.